The moratorium on granting Moldovan citizenship will be extended by two months

The moratorium on receiving new applications regarding the acquisition of Citizenship by Investment of the Republic of Moldova will be extended by two months. The initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure has been approved by the Executive. The moratorium will be extended from December 24, until February 24, respectively.

Our team and our partners from 360 Citizen would like to thank you for the understanding and assure you that we’re following closely the development of the program and will provide you with further updates.

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You can also download the Notification from the Head of the Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program.


On July 18th, 2019, following a meeting of Moldova’s Supreme Security Council in Chișinău , President Igor Dodon informed that the government had suspended the country’s recently opened citizenship by investment program pending a review. The government has informed that it wishes to review the program and the various companies involved as service providers to support its administration, to ensure that it creates maximum sovereign and societal benefit for the Republic of Moldova and its people.

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