Greece approves €400,000 Govt Bonds and Bank deposit for Golden visas

Greece has approved inclusion of €400,000 Bonds, securities and shares expanding the golden visa scheme to include more investment options other than real estate. This decision was published in Government Gazette B 4155 on 12.11.2019 for granting entry and residence permit in Greece at third-country nationals, for investment in securities or bank deposit.

Here is a quick summary of new investment options approved for Greek Golden visa scheme:

  • Bank deposits €400,000 need only to be kept for one year
  • Government bonds purchased for a minimum €400,000 must be maintained for only 3 years
  • Real estate investment remains the same for €250,000
  • Legal entities can also invest in securities or bank deposits under special cases for a minimum €800,000 or a minimum €400,000 in shares