Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment – Our Newest VIP Residency Program

The next addition in our VIP Residency program portfolio is the Citizenship by Investment program of the South-West Passific island country of Vanuatu.

This is the fastest and most straightforward second citizenship program available on the market. Your second passport can be yours in as little as 6 weeks and you don’t need to travel or reside in the country to get it. This is probably the most convenient program too because of the highly optimized and friendly documentation requirement. It is also one of the most affordable – the contribution is set in US dollars, for a total amount of USD 130,000 (aprox. EUR 118,000).

There are a lot of business opportunities available for investors in Vanuatu but you can also enjoy the beautiful nature and tropical weather all year long.

Learn more about the program and enjoy greater freedom with a second passport in 2 months.